Safety, health and childbirth

by Claudia Ravaldi
CiaoLapo Onlus
CiaoLapo Onlus

curated by Claudia Ravaldi

On Monday 6 July I attended the press conference “Presentation of the bill signed by the Hon. Paola Binetti and the bill signed by Sen. Aldo Di Biagio” Rules for increasing the safety level of natural childbirth “, which was held at Palazzo Madama, in Rome.

After the presentation of the bill , an interesting debate took place which involved the speakers and auditors present in the room (including the new President of the National Federation of the College of Midwives, the President of Vita di Donna onlus, the vice-president of the section Lazio of the AOGOI).

Personally, I found the debate very enriching , and I hope that everything will not end with some press releases but will continue, in a profitable way, in the interest of individual citizens and the community as a whole.

A first fact that certainly emerges is that the representatives and exponents of even very different worlds of understanding the birth event jointly showed considerable perplexity regarding some points of the bill, as well summarizes Valentina Murelli on OggiScienza while they showed themselves compact on other points, suggesting good foundations for real cooperation between the parties.

I believe that the contribution of technicians, represented by gynecologists and obstetricians, and representatives of associations dealing with perinatal health and pregnancy is essential: doctors, obstetricians and associations have direct contact with hundreds of thousands of birth events, and are to be considered interlocutors privileged when it comes to health in pregnancy, prevention and good practices.

Furthermore, we should always be aware of the international baggage of scientific evidence that we already have at our disposal with various classes of evidence and a comparison with the countries that represent the gold-standard in the various aspects of the event under study would be desirable: this is what allowed to drastically reduce maternal, fetal and neonatal mortality in the last fifty years in countries with high economic development, and this is what the WHO asks us to do when it asks us to bring from 3 in a thousand to 2 in a thousand stillbirths and to study with expertise all the sentinel events of maternal death.

You can read my reflections in full with a bibliography in this article from the Huffington Post .

On youtube, instead, the video of my speech at the press conference is available in which, in response to all the previous speeches, I stressed the need to protect not only physical health but also mental health and the global well-being of the woman and the parental couple. both during and after a physiological birth, and in a birth following a perinatal bereavement.

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The complete video of the press conference is available on Senator Aldo di Biagio’s Youtube channel

CiaoLapo Onlus

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