Training course for hospital staff “Memory Box”

by Claudia Ravaldi

If you work in a hospital in the maternal and child area or if you are a student of the degree courses of obstetrics, nursing and medicine, this course, free of charge, is for you!

The first hours after the diagnosis of abortion or perinatal death are decisive in favoring a physiological elaboration of grief. However, the issue of perinatal bereavement and respectful assistance to women for affected couples and families is often overlooked in the training of health professionals, treated superficially or not treated at all.

The World Health Organization, in 2019, reiterated the importance of appropriate care at zero time in all cases of loss during pregnancy or after birth . According to our latest study, Italy along with Chile and a few others ranks in the last positions for respectful care in perinatal bereavement, also called bereavement care.

Our Memory Box training project, which began in 2012, has long been trying to remedy the educational backwardness of our country: in ten years we have carried out 300 hours of free training in many Italian hospitals, both face-to-face and online, reaching around 4000 operators .

However, the pandemic has highlighted new organizational and welfare problems , especially in the southern regions, in the islands and in some border areas of northern Italy .

So we decided to expand our training offer so as to be able to easily reach all operators and operators who work in hospitals, and in particular in the obstetrics, gynecology and neonatology departments.

To participate in the course it is in fact sufficient to have a smartphone, and today, in Italy, everyone has a smartphone!

With this type of organization, many barriers, which could have hindered training in the past, are finally removed: our course is free, divided into modules ranging from 20 to 60 minutes each, remotely, usable by phone in two months.

The only remaining barrier could be the fear related to this complex topic, but we will also address this human, very human fear, together.

So: from today our Memory Box training is usable on the platform and open every year to 3000 hospital operators in the perinatal area, by students and trainees, and remains free, because the cost is entirely borne by the association.

ATTENTION: the places for the first edition (APRIL – MAY) are sold out.

On 20 June the registrations will open for the second edition of July and August.


In short:

  • The Memory Box training can be used on the platform
  • The Memory Box training consists of 9 didactic modules , from diagnosis to the puerperium, for a total of 6 hours of video course and 1 self-learning module of about 2 hours .
  • It is open every year to 4,500 hospital operators in the perinatal area and to student * trainees, in blocks of about 800 members every two months .
  • From the moment of enrollment there are two months to complete the course , pass the verification test and obtain the “Memory Box: Perinatal Mourning Trauma-Oriented Hospital Care” certification .
  • The certification lasts 3 years , at the end of which it is possible to renew it for free by participating in a refresher course, in 2-hour distance training mode.
  • When 70% of the operators of a hospital ward have obtained certification, the department is accredited by CiaoLapo and entered in the “FOOTPRINT” register (FORMATO department on the Perinatal unit) and make a request to receive our memory boxes free of charge.

To find out more, watch the video of the introductory lesson to the course

We are waiting for you!


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