Becoming a facilitator of self-help groups for perinatal bereavement

by Claudia Ravaldi

Our new Perinatal Bereavement Self-Help Group Facilitator Course is finally underway!

If you are a parent who has been dealing with perinatal bereavement for at least three years; if you are a health, education, or social worker with direct experience of bereavement as a parent, family member, or friend; if you think the group is a valuable opportunity to grieve perinatally and would like to contribute to the cause as a trained facilitator, sign up!

Resumes annual training to become a facilitator of perinatal self-help bereavement groups following the CiaoLapo model, now in its 8th year.

To learn more about CiaoLapo’s theoretical model, you can read about it here.

The training is conducted entirely online, alternating between live and delayed modules, on our school moodle platform.

The training has as its objectives: the facilitation of perinatal bereavement self-help groups and the acquisition of skills on perinatal grief, its processing and group dynamics.

Learning the techniques for facilitating a perinatal bereavement self-help group is necessary to become a facilitator, open and facilitate a new HelloLapo group or co-facilitate an existing group.

This year’s training course will begin with the practical part: enrollees will attend a self-help group as auditors, so as to sharpen observation skills and improve the emotional preparedness necessary for the facilitation of a perinatal bereavement self-help group, and they will attend intervision groups, so as to delve into the dynamics of facilitation with senior facilitators.

The course runs for one year, from January to December, and is divided as follows:

January – June

Internship as auditor in an established CiaoLapo group(two hours monthly): minimum 12 hours, live on zoom or meet;

July – October

Twenty-five-hour, deferred distance learning course on moodle platform;


Concluding paper on one’s personal experience within the perinatal bereavement self-help group


Closing of the course


Participation as an intern in the interview group(two hours monthly): minimum 14 hours, live

The course is open to ten participants

The training is open to parents who have experienced perinatal bereavement for at least three years (2020 and prior years), and to health, education or social workers who have experienced direct bereavement as parents, family members or friends.

The course has a registration fee that includes the 2024 membership fee, course materials and active mentoring.

For information and registration:

We look forward to seeing you,

#togetherwe have a lot

Claudia, Cristina and Cristina



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