Love never dies – face the holidays

by Claudia Ravaldi

Christmas celebrations, like all those occasions during the year that focus on the family, can be a great challenge for parents who have lost a child during pregnancy or soon after birth.

The sense of loneliness, pain and sadness can come back overwhelming and occupy thoughts even after a long time.

To draw closer to the bereaved parents, AlmaMater and CiaoLapo propose to share an afternoon dedicated to meteor children, to build together a rite to be handed down to us every year, a collective memory that includes them, that recognizes them as part of the community.

We invite you to a safe place in which to find comfort, sharing, respect and in which to keep the memory of your child alive through “doing”: a small workshop in which to create a decoration for the Christmas tree.

Time and space dedicated to taking care of all the Love that remains.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? Anyone who has lost a child and wants to share this activity with others, to remind us that we are not alone even during the holidays.

If you are a parent with a very recent bereavement and you are unable to attend the group meeting, contact us at 3484782898: coming first in association, we will provide you with the material to make a commemorative ball and a warm hug in your home.

Relatives and friends can also participate who with their presence can testify closeness and affection through a symbolic gesture because we know that sometimes it is difficult to find words.

WHAT TO BRING? They are ready: balls, cards, ribbons, paints, glue and scissors.

If you have a small decoration that you particularly care about, take it with you.

The meeting is free for all participants

If you want to support the activities of CiaoLapo onlus it is possible to make a free donation (IBAN: IT27 L050 1802 8000 0000 0118 383), by donating money to CiaoLapo Onlus you are not making a purchase but you are helping to keep an association active and support all initiatives.


Saturday 16 December at 3.30 pm

at the operational headquarters of AlmaMater:

Strada Salaria per l’Aquila 58 – S.Rufina – RIETI

We are in the same building as the “Cinecittà” shop

For info 3484782898

[email protected]

An entire village is needed to mourn

Article by Eleonora Piras

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