The fetal movements

by Claudia Ravaldi

On the occasion of the world week of awareness on the death of a child during pregnancy or after birth, we invite you to watch and spread this interesting educational video edited by the colleagues of the Tommy’s association , active in the field of prevention, health education and support for parents suffering from perinatal death.

Here is the Italian translation attached (Thanks to Ilaria and Preda for the help).

Would you notice if …

… Was the water pressure changing?
… your bus slowed down?
… your phone froze?
if your baby’s movements changed?
You will begin to feel your baby’s movements between the 16th and 20th weeks of pregnancy.
Most babies stabilize their motor habits around the 24th week of pregnancy.
There is no set number of movements.
It is important to learn to recognize your child’s motor habits.
Babies should not reduce their movements as the pregnancy progresses, right up to the time of delivery.
If your baby’s movements slow down, there may be something wrong.
Contact your midwife or hospital IMMEDIATELY.
Trust your instincts, it’s best not to waste time.
Please share, you can save a child’s life!
This video, in this week of awareness, is dedicated to the CiaoLapo mothers who went to the hospital, reported a decrease in movement and were improperly told that “at term they move less” and that “they were simply too anxious”.
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