A flutter of wings

by Claudia Ravaldi

With a flap of wings I’ll be there for you,
where the sky is deep
and the gaze is lost in the immense.

I will caress your hair.
I will kiss your cheeks.
I will hold your hands.
I will breathe your breath.
I will wrap all of me in you,
until the tears
they will not cease to furrow the face
like autumn rain.
You left in November,
without savoring the scent of oranges. You left with the dead leaves, without waiting for the Befana to arrive.
You left without making a sound,
without a signal.
With a flutter of wings
you are back to being light in the dark,
energy in my heart.

Serafina of Ninno,

for Songs they are Angels,

The Words of Love Permanent Literary Competition, 2011

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