Rally Castel San Pietro Terme 2018

by Claudia Ravaldi

The annual CiaoLapo meeting. Participate too!

The National Meeting of the members of CiaoLapo Onlus will take place as usual in Castel San Pietro Terme, in the splendid setting of the Garden of the Angels.

Open to members, their families and all CiaoLapo supporters, this event is a very important moment in the history of our association.

In previous years, when we were a small association, the Gathering took place in October, close to the world day of perinatal mourning.

This year we decided to bring the Gathering forward to the last week of May, Sunday 27, so as to allow more families to meet, time and nature to be in full bloom and our volunteers to have time to better organize. the intense activities of October, which now involve over 50 different cities and all (but all) of our arms.

By meeting in May, for a day of exchange, sharing and meeting, we will all have the time to offer what is the pride of CiaoLapo: time shared, among equals, without judgment and with all possible listening, in memory of our children, and in honor of our tenacity. Mourning is not easy at all, falling is the order of the day, getting up is not so obvious. We also meet to celebrate our willingness to get back on our feet, helping each other.

As always, CiaoLapo’s “old” parents will be there. We will wait for the new ones, because we too were “new” years ago. And we know how it feels.

There will be: a beautiful garden, an information banquet with all the things of CiaoLapo and all the information material, parents, balloons, butterflies to decorate and fly (or take home), the blankets of memory (if you want you can send us your piece for the new one), the ribbon of awareness, our new book, the facilitators of self-help groups, and much more.

Packed lunch, so that everyone is free to participate without food and economic constraints.

We also put the event on facebook, here .

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