Small Principles

by Claudia Ravaldi
CiaoLapo Onlus
CiaoLapo Onlus

Piccoli Principi was released for the first time in 2007. Over twenty thousand copies have been printed and distributed since then. Now in its third extended and renewed edition, Piccoli Principi offers clear and realistic information on perinatal bereavement and on the most common experiences of bereaved persons, with the aim of facilitating reflection on and identifying the most useful strategies for dealing with the painful reality of loss. of a child during pregnancy or after birth.

Thinking about a pregnancy starts the path of “parenthood”, during which the couple develops and experiences specific emotions and thoughts about the new baby. This path called the attachment process is intrinsic to every pregnancy, it is cross-cultural. When the pregnancy is interrupted with the death of the child this path is abruptly less, leaving the woman and often the couple the task of reorganizing reality and the future differently from what was expected and hoped for.

There are many parents forced to deal with this event. It is very important that those who suffer from bereavement have sufficient time and a protected place from the beginning, so that they can recognize their most important needs, obtain appropriate support at all levels of care.

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