Gathering of members 2016

by Claudia Ravaldi

Also this year CiaoLapo organizes numerous events for Babyloss Awareness Month, which takes place in October all over the world.

You are all invited to participate because only together can we improve the assistance in our country!

What is BabyLoss Awareness Month?

The month of awareness on perinatal and infantile loss (Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month, for further information ) takes place all over the world, thanks to hundreds of associations and bodies involved in the protection of maternal and child health and prevention adverse events. The initiatives are mainly concentrated on the day of October 15, universally defined “Babyloss Awareness Day”.

The goal of an entire month dedicated to this theme is mainly to focus attention on the medical, psychological, psychosocial and cultural aspects related to loss during pregnancy or after birth, bringing together experts in the sector, parents and citizens. .

For 10 years, as you know, CiaoLapo Onlus has been promoting the month of awareness and the day of 15 October in Italy with numerous initiatives in various Italian regions.

The theme chosen by CiaoLapo for 2016 as the guiding thread of the various initiatives is the promotion of knowledge and the importance of correct information to promote health and well-being, both physical and mental.

All events will have #laconoscenzacheprotegge as a common hashtag.

As part of the month of awareness and awareness events, the spearhead for our association is the traditional meeting of the members and friends of CiaoLapo in Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)

The gathering takes place as usual on the weekend preceding the global event on October 15th, Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th October.

Why participate in the rally?

The gathering is an important meeting opportunity for families who have met on our site and in its various virtual spaces but only know each other from a distance; it is a moment of sharing for families who have already worked out their mourning and come back once a year to meet old and new friends, and it is an opportunity for personal and community growth.

The events that CiaoLapo organizes and opens to members and citizens are designed to promote the value of sharing, of communication, through the different languages that can be used to face life after a perinatal (or not) bereavement.

For this reason there is never a lack of artistic events, cultural events, convivial moments.

This year we have scheduled many events in collaboration with the Il Giardino degli Angeli association, designed for our members and for the citizens of the castle, according to the principle of creating integration between citizens and institutions and promoting a cultural change capable of encouraging constructive reflection on a taboo such as the death of a child and the consequent mourning, in order to promote resilience in those affected.

The 2016 cultural events will involve various associations that deal, in various geographical areas and with different means, to support children and families, health promotion and support interventions for families living in areas tormented by war conflicts.

The associations CiaoLapo Onlus, The Garden of Angels Onlus , ONSUR Italy: Worldwide campaign to support the Syrian people , e Hope – Hope for Children Onlus , will participate in the round table “A child is a child – Knowledge that protects” : the book will be presented “Samia and the Island of Swallowfish “, in the presence of the author and publisher and the importance of offering support to children who face various degrees and levels of difficulty, including the loss of a relative or situations, will be discussed of war.

Ample space will be given to the artistic in-depth analysis of the themes promoted by CiaoLapo, in particular motherhood, pregnancy, perinatal bereavement and resilience: there will be three appointments that will take place on Saturday 8 at the Cassero theater, where the Photo exhibition “Suspended Mothers “and where the theatrical performance will take place”The sound of butterflies ”(you can’t miss it … it’s a way to learn more about the night from which all this was born, now ten years ago).

Sunday 9 will take place the usual and magical meeting of families at the Garden of the Angels followed by a social lunch; for the first time will be presented next to the blankets of memory, also the “Ribbon of Love” (seven meters of ribbon made up of 360 squares made by the families of bereaved parents).

You are all invited to read the two-day program and to be present with your families and friends.

Note: Given the full calendar of events, some of which with a limited number of places, it is important to register online by 1 October to allow us the best possible organization and adequate hospitality. The events are free for members and their families and for the citizens of the castle. The social lunch is reserved for members in good standing for 2015 and provides for an expense reimbursement donation for the scouts who host and organize us of € 13 for adults and € 8 for children (about 110 places available, compulsory online pre -registration). Part of the donations received will be donated to the Il Giardino degli Angeli non-profit organization .

National meeting program CiaoLapo 2016

Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)

7 October at the Teatro del Cassero

Intervision meeting facilitators of self-help groups 3-7 pm led by Claudia Ravaldi and Cristina Fiore ( reserved for volunteer members of the various CiaoLapo offices )

8 October at the Cassero Theater

11:00 Matinèe with the authors selected in the fourth literary competition The Words of Love: reading of some extracts from the literary anthology Aptonomy and awarding of the winners musical accompaniment by Luca Cascone

15:30 Samia and the island of swallow fish : animated reading and origami workshop for children with Letizia Giorgini and Claudia Ravaldi

Round table “A child is a child – Knowledge that protects”

Presentation of the book Samia and the island of swallow fishes with the author Agata De Nuccio, Giovanni Avesani for Officina Grafica Edizioni, Aia Charaf for ONSUR, Feras Garabawy for Hope for Children and Alfredo Vannacci for CiaoLapo onlus

Presentation of the Memory Box project Ilaria Naldi and Lidia Poli

18:00 Theater Show: The sound of butterflies (30 minutes) original text by Claudia Ravaldi, revised and adapted by Cecilia Gioia, Claudia Ravaldi and Serena Bucca, performance by Pagliassi and Scena Verticale

18:30 Vernissage photo exhibition Suspended Mothers from a project by CiaoLapo onlus with the artist Alessandra Fuccillo

October 9

Location: at the Garden of the Angels, via Remo Tosi 1, Castel San Pietro Terme *

At the entrance to the garden there will be a CiaoLapo stand where you can collect information material and decorate your own butterfly which will grace the balloons for the Balloon Release .

It will be possible to join for 2017 and comply with the 2016 association and deliver your square for the blanket of memory , an art therapy project that has continued since 2008.

Inside the garden will be exhibited the blankets made in recent years by the parents of CiaoLapo. The Ribbon of Love , the largest BabyLoss love ribbon in the world, will be previewed, made by sewing together squares of 15 cm by 15 sent by mothers and families from all over the world for this anniversary.

Gathering of associates with welcome and visit to the Garden of the Angels.

12:00 Launch of the balloons

At the Fabio Dardi Scout House, viale Carducci, Castel San Pietro Terme

13:00 Social lunch . Information and compulsory online registration on the CiaoLapo website . Part of the proceeds from the social lunch will go to support research projects for perinatal health promoted by the Giardino degli Angeli Onlus.

15:00 – 16:00 – Presentation of the short KOI – by Luigi Barbato, made with the contribution of CiaoLapo onlus.

“A small mountain pond at the foot of a waterfall, every season there is a group of koi carp that has gone upstream. At the edge of the pond a group of fishermen And there And launches the own networks for catch them. From sky one flock from eagles Yes launch on pond for to hunt the they prey. The few carp remaining they will try to go back there waterfall, but only one will succeedto to Not die And to reach there summit. AND will become dragon.

Each season a group of koi carp will come togetherto in that pond to the feet from that waterfall, even though knowing that death certain the awaits And alone a will succeed to it becomesdragon king. “

* in case of rain the events will take place at the Cassero theater and at the scout headquarters

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