The shattered dream

by Claudia Ravaldi

The broken dream is the first book that integrates the testimonies of parents and operators with the classic assumptions of psychoeducation applied to the experience of perinatal bereavement.

Before today, CiaoLapo’s work had kept these two important modes of intervention distinct: that of autobiographical narration and narrative sharing (belong to this category Your cradle is my heart and all the anthologies and books of the series Your cradle is my heart ) and that of the “didactic” approach (Death in anticipation ) and “psychoeducative” (Little Principles, losing a baby in pregnancy or after childbirth ).

After many tests, and after having collected the testimonies of parents, family members and operators, we thought it was time to renew, enrich and integrate all the work done in these ten years of activity, aiming straight at the creation of a simple text, agile from light, full of shared emotions and just as rich as the main notions of the psychology of bereavement , perinatal bereavement and psychoeducation.

The broken dream is suitable for parents, family members and friends of bereaved parents.

It is suitable for those who have tried “to get out” on their own, but still feel trapped and need to clarify their ideas on how to proceed.

It is suitable for young operators in training, for young doctors and psychologists, who are increasingly called to an integrated and respectful vision of the uniqueness of their client’s experience and at the same time to a good psychological, cultural and relational preparation.

It is indicated for my colleagues who are reluctant to abandon Freud and his lapidary theories on mourning, in favor of the last hundred years of research and theories , closer to today’s women.

It is indicated for those who believe that perinatal bereavement has no raison d’etre. The voice of these people, combined with the large number of studies and clinical experiences, demonstrate with absolute certainty that perinatal bereavement is present in the minds and lives of millions of people. The fact that no one has ever seen a black swan does not mean that there are only white swans.

It is especially suitable for those who are unable to talk about their grief. For those who suffer in silence, and therefore it is hard to search, ask and find the right help.

There is always a point from which to start again.

Sometimes we start again with more enthusiasm, between the lines of a therapeutic book.

It is with this purpose that I have written all my books to date.

Enjoy the reading.

The beautiful cover is by Flavio Rosati, ilflaviatore .

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