by Claudia Ravaldi

“While I was still in the irreparable, the rest of the world had started to turn again” – Aptonomia di Anna Maria Castoldi

“Then what you weren’t ready for happens, but you knew it would happen sooner or later. A two-year-old blond boy running to reach the water, and his mother yelling at him to go slow. Not to rush. Not to disturb. To wait for her. Above all, scream his name.


A pang in the heart. “- One in 40,000 Valentina Mazzon

“Docile and imperious

small extreme

my child “Margherita Pizzighello

Aptonomia is our fourth anthology of short stories and poems, many of them autobiographical.

For 2015, 25 works were selected, chosen by five indefatigable jurors from over 90 submitted.

To reflect oneself in the words of others, to access the thousand and more facets of perinatal mourning, to feel that our stories are not only “sad stories”, but fragments of life, from which to start again.

This is the purpose of our permanent literary contest “The Words of Love”.

This is what bereaved parents, family members and caregivers can find in the words of our authors.

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