Say my name

by Claudia Ravaldi

Poetry for our Little Princes, meteor children who crossed our sky, illuminating it forever.

My name is

letters chosen by love

held together by waiting

linked to each other day after day.

My name is the moment when everything changes:

it wasn’t there before,

and then there was.

My name suddenly appeared,

on the horizon of the heart.

He drew a smile in my parents’ eyes,

he filled space and time with light.

Here it is, it’s him – said dad.

Here I am – I answered in the wind.

I am my name.

My story is contained in my name.

Not just the end, which everyone stretches like a shroud over my entire life.

They are not just death.

I am name.

I am beginning

I am a bit of a mom and a bit of a dad in the music of my name.

I am the eternal that binds us.

Say my name.

I am listening to you.

Claudia Ravaldi

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