Course on accompanying pregnancies following perinatal bereavement

by Claudia Ravaldi

Listen to
How hard your heart beats for me

Wislawa Szymborska

With much excitement and joy, after many and many months of planning and work, we announce our new project , the Rainbow Project, a support and psycho-education group aimed at women and couples who are facing pregnancy after perinatal bereavement.

The course on accompanying pregnancies following perinatal bereavement, which started in October 2022, is already in its fifth year: we have accompanied 40 couples and their boys and girls on the exciting and complex adventure of parenting after bereavement.

The course is designed to address together the fears and anxieties of waiting after a bereavement and to find together useful strategies and resources to improve the well-being of both the couple and the incoming baby/children.

The course consists of theoretical parts, sharing parts, and practice parts, which week by week will enable us to improve our emotional skills with respect to managing the rainbow pregnancy: in particular, at the course we will learn how to use some techniques for stress management and work on the main notions about parenting and the first thousand days of life, especially responsive care, which is always very important, but much more so after a previous loss. Among the tools offered, couples will be able to count on a bibliotherapy course with picture books, and on the presence of a reader, who will help us use reading as a moment of pampering, both for the children and for us adults.

The course takes place online on our zoom/meet platform, in 14 meetings of two hours each:

10 meetings weekly during pregnancy

4 meetings after delivery, every 3 weeks

Who will accompany us in this course?

The course is taught by our expert psychotherapists in perinatal, bereavement and psychotraumatology joined by our reader. New groups start every 10 to 12 weeks.

Who can participate in the course?

Any woman or couple from the 20th week of pregnancy after a perinatal bereavement experience, subject to a mandatory cognitive interview.

The course is reserved for CiaoLapo members and associates in good standing.

The course is activated with a minimum of 8 enrolled participants, up to a maximum of 14 participants.


There is a contribution of 150 euros for each household

(Can sign up only mom, only dad, or both with this fee)

to be paid into the account of the association: CiaoLapo APSETS, Ethical Bank

IBAN: IT12D05018028000011183837 reason: rainbow accompaniment course

The fee covers the cost of attending the course, pdf training materials for the exercises, and CiaoLapo’s Rainbow kit*

*The Rainbow kit contains two books for promoting reading “from the belly” and also a welcome gift* from HelloLapo’s aunts (who are a bit like the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty, let it be known)

For information:

We are waiting for you!


First came a timid idea of a child.

Then the courage to dare.

No one knows when, no one knows how, it was the turn of two pink dashes.

And immediately, Angst arrived, wearing a wide coat of shaggy wool.

Without ceasing to stare, she took a seat in front of me: so that I would always see her, so that I would always smell the sickening odor of her ruffled coat.

Slowly, I moved the chair back, to increase the distance between me and her. To get to know her better, and win her someday.

That’s when I saw her.

From the pocket of her ruffled coat, immediately to the right of her heart, she looked out, resolute,

a small joy.

“If you set me free, I will be yours,” he whispered, windswept.

That’s where my lost joy had gone.

There it was, a meter away from me, amid nauseatingly shaggy wool.

It was there, within reach.

It was there, and it was all to grow.

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