Self-help in the time of Coronavirus: “A book a day” project

by Claudia Ravaldi

The “A book a day” project begins today, designed to reach all parents who are facing perinatal bereavement in these complex days.

From today we will make our most read and best known books available free of charge in the documents section of our website, so that everyone can consult and read them in real time.

But not only.

Once a week, on our social channels, we will open live broadcasts with our volunteer operators.

In the direct we will read some pages of the book, we will discuss with you and answer your questions.

This week we will discuss “The Broken Dream” together on March 20th.

We bereaved parents are trained to manage interstellar distances.

It will not be a quarantine that will keep us apart from each other.

Here are the books that we will make available for free in pdf format and which we will talk about in our direct:

The shattered dream

You were already with us – poetry

Death in-waiting

The songs are angels


Your cradle is my heart


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