Pandemic and stress in pregnancy, puerperium and breastfeeding

by Claudia Ravaldi

“Childbirth is a change and it doesn’t matter if you’ve already had eight babies.

It is always a change the time another baby is born, because you are no longer the same woman you were before you had that baby.

(Penny Handford) “

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The protection of pregnancy , the puerperium and the first year of a child’s life is recommended by the World Health Organization and by numerous bodies and institutions, and is considered an objective to be pursued in all countries and in all situations.

Even in emergency situations. The pandemic that is afflicting us at this historic moment is a critical situation in which the protection of pregnant women and newborns must be borne in mind even more forcefully.

Perinatal health is a complex intertwining of aspects related to physical health, psychological and psychosocial well-being.

Full perinatal health is a point of arrival that is reached only by walking the path in the shoes of the mother, in those of the child and also in those of the father and significant family members. It can only be reached with the collaboration of everyone and taking care of everyone . Everyone can and should aspire to the highest level of health possible for him.

There COVID-19 pandemic , which fortunately seems to leave the physical health of mothers and children alone, involves and disrupts the psychological and psychosocial well-being , overturning a good part of the routines as we know them: it conditions and limits choices, conditions and limits access to hospitals, modifies the “rituals” related to birth and motherhood in general.

Given this change of scenery, mothers often have to rethink their pregnancy , childbirth and postnatal journey and must reflect on the difference between expectations and reality. In particular, the physiological adaptation to pregnancy and the postnatal period, which requires many physical, psychic and psychosocial resources already in normal conditions, must deal with this suspended and subverted time.

We are faced with something new in our country, for which there is no collective memory to draw on.

We know from the specialist literature that adverse life events can affect the well-being of mother and child, even when “all is well” and physical health is guaranteed.

We therefore know that it is important to carefully study the impact of this situation on pregnant women and new mothers, in order to activate support that is adequate to their needs and can reduce the impact of stress in the short, medium and long term.

We are asking, once again, for the testimony of pregnant women and mothers , to collect your feelings, your opinions and give a voice to women and children.

You can fill out the questionnaire anonymously here

With diffusion prayer. Turn it freely to all women who are currently pregnant or who have given birth after January 1, 2019.

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