CiaoLapo membership campaign 2023

by Claudia Ravaldi

It is only thanks to the ongoing efforts of our members and donors that year after year, more and more families are receiving appropriate care after perinatal loss, and more and more health care providers in Italian hospitals are receiving appropriate training on respectful perinatal bereavement care.

What we achieved in 2022 thanks to everyone’s contribution:

  • Hospital-Based Training Project: we trained 1178 new obstetrics, gynecology and neonatal intensive care providers with the free, eight-hour course on hospital trauma-oriented perinatal bereavement care;
  • Memory Box Project: we donated 450 memory boxes and 200 memory kits to the hospitals “Friends of CiaoLapo”;
  • First Support Project: in June, the new telephonic and telematic first support project began. Active Monday through Friday, first support provided: 260 hours of telephone listening space, 100 hours of informational calls and 160 hours of psychological support calls completely free of charge for users, thanks to our team of specialists: two emergency counselors and four psychologist-psychotherapists;
  • Rainbow Project: October saw the start of the Rainbow Project, to support pregnancies following perinatal loss and to promote the well-being of mom, dad and babies in the first thousand days;


What we want to achieve together with you in 2023:

  • Hospital Training Project: we want to train 5,000 perinatal hospital health workers;
  • Memory Box Project: we want to donate 1,000 memory boxes;
  • First Support Project: we want to deliver 500 hours of listening activities, 200 hours of informational meetings and 400 hours of free psychological support;
  • Rainbow Project: in 2023 we want to reach at least 200 families with the rainbow project, and we want to conduct at least 5 courses to accompany subsequent pregnancies;
  • Community Practitioner Training Project: the new training on taking charge after perinatal bereavement reserved for counseling and out-of-hospital practitioners.

By becoming a member, you help us carry out our projects and you can access activities reserved to members, both online and vis a vis, distinguished into Parent Member activities and Professional Member activities


If you personally have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth or postanal loss, by joining as a Parent Member you will be able to:

  • sign up for our forum, share your experience with other women, and seek counseling from our professionals;
  • have up to three free meetings with our therapists;
  • Join us in monthly self-help groups;
  • Join us in the series of meetings on perinatal bereavement conducted by our team of psychologists;
  • participate in 12 meetings (one per month) free of charge for members only: the Mary Shelley reading group (5 meetings), the mandala and found-poetry group (4 meetings), and the creative writing group (3 meetings);
  • In addition, you can undertake our paths of psychological support and psychotherapy at subsidized rates with our selected practitioners on the Italian territory;

If you are a health care provider, by joining as a Professional Member you will be able to:

  • Participate in member-only online trainings and updates, both free trainings and closed-rate trainings;
  • Participate in online group supervision meetings for hospital and community settings;
  • Participate in single supervision at a subsidized rate;


By becoming a CiaoLapo member you will:

  • improve perinatal care in our country: respectful care is a right for everyone.
  • improve the training of health care providers, who are too often left alone and without the tools to provide respectful and trauma-oriented care.
  • change the culture of our country: there are still few resources for women affected by miscarriage and perinatal death, often only from day 180 onward, and very few specialized centers for diagnosis and treatment in the country.


If this is your first time joining, remember to read our bylaws before joining.

You can join at any time during the year, but remember that membership is annual, valid for the current year and remains valid until December 31 of the year in which it is fulfilled. For the current year, registration is open and expires on December 31, 2023.


You can choose from three types of membership fees:

  • ordinary member, with an annual fee of 25 euros
  • sustaining member, with an annual fee of 50 euros (plus kit shipping costs)
  • Green member, with an annual fee of 50 euros

The three types of membership have the same membership rights and duties.

New supporting members 2023 will receive as a welcome kit:

  • CiaoLapo’s brushed steel necklace
  • Our canvas bag
  • Our picture book on complicated grief: The Iceheart Queen

If you are already one of our sustaining members and you renew your dues by Feb. 1, you will receive the DVD of Piccolo Corpo, a film by Laura Samani, on which we will be doing a creative writing workshop in October;


The green member is an option started in 2022 through a partnership with Treedom. This option combines care and protection of the environment with remembrance of our children. The green member will receive:


All members are invited to attend meetings, notice of which is periodically posted on the bulletin board at the headquarters in Prato and announced in the association’s email, web and/or social channels.

You can join exclusively by registering on our donation portal.

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