Activities for Parents 2023

by Alfredo Vannacci

The Feb. 1 we begin meetings reserved for CiaoLapo member parents.

The 12 meetings, free and for members only, are held on the first Wednesday of the month from 5 to 7 p.m.; they are open to all CiaoLapo member parents by appointment.


The calendar of meetings

  • Feb. 1: mandalas and found poetry
  • March 1: Reading group: “The Little Prince” with illustrations by Beatrice Alemagna
  • April 5: mandala and found poetry
  • May 3: Reading group “Queen Cuordighiaccio” and “You are here”
  • June 7: mandala and found poetry
  • July 5: creative writing
  • Aug. 2: “Stone Sick” reading group
  • September 6: mandala and found poetry
  • Oct. 4: “Four Hens” reading group
  • Oct. 18: creative writing
  • November 1: creative writing
  • Dec. 6: “The Chronology of Water” reading group.

Who can participate?

All CiaoLapo parent members in good standing dues 2023. If you have not yet renewed your membership you can do so here: Enrollment 2023

NB: these meetings are for parent members only (not sympathizers, not practitioners, for whom other initiatives are planned)

How can I participate?

Meetings are held online on CiaoLapo’s Zoom platform, in the room reserved for parents. For organizational reasons, registration for individual events is mandatory . Details of each event, how to register, and links and passwords to participate, are emailed to member parents registered on our platform.

If you are already a member for 2023 you should have received all the details with our January newsletter, otherwise you can join now and you will receive them with the next monthly newsletter.

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