The Iceheart Queen

by Claudia Ravaldi
CiaoLapo Onlus

CiaoLapo Onlus

Laertes narrated: of the young Queen, wife of a handsome prince with a noble heart, of the long months spent in vain in search of a child, of the pain nestled in her womb for seven long winters. He told of how the doctors summoned had prescribed treatments and remedies, of how pilgrimages were of no use, of how progressively “at the behest of the Queen”, the celebrations for births, the official exits for the holidays, the opportunities for meeting with the people.
Laertes told of a pain that, imperceptibly, had instilled itself in the heart of the Queen, putting all her fibers to sleep, of a sleep made of indifference and tension, of the consistency of ice “

The Iceheart Queen is the second fairy tale in the “parole che cure” series conceived by Claudia Ravaldi to narrate through the use of symbols and metaphor the path through pain and resilience of a woman, the Queen Iceheart, and her partner, the King.

Frozen in a present without solution, distant and discouraged, the King and Queen could end their life locked in a pain far away in time, yet present, invasive, ferocious.

The curious vitality of a little girl, and the wisdom of an old sage, will offer a turning point to a story still to be lived and chosen. And finally the ice will be able to give way to the arrival of a new spring.

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