You were already with us

by Claudia Ravaldi
CiaoLapo Onlus
CiaoLapo Onlus

The anthology of the permanent literary competition of CiaoLapo onlus “The Words of Love” 2012 edition

The work takes its title from Claudia Carra’s haiku

You were already with us –
I saw you grow up
before dark.

103 authors participated in this edition, between prose and poetry. A great success, of which we are very proud, given the great participation and the high quality of the works received, among which 19 poems and 15 prose were selected by the jury.

Authors S ection Poetry

  • You were already with us – Claudia Carra
  • Empty Belly – Sidonia Manghi
  • She – Mazzon Rita
  • Twilight – Tiziana Monari
  • Red flowers and nothing else – Damiano Stradiotto
  • Incubating nightmares – Carla de Falco
  • Bites – Meroni Paola
  • Dream – Antonella Proietti
  • A cassette – Filippo Pirro
  • Wind Scraper – Carla de Falco
  • Short passage of a smile – Calogero Pettineo
  • Life of Life – Luigina Gabriele
  • Ward migrants – Carla de Falco
  • Petal of Wood – Paola Tomasello
  • The meeting – Giulia Misani
  • Who will wait – Marusca Leali
  • Son – Ester Eroli
  • Abortion – Angelo Rosselli
  • The secret of the sea – Martina Griparic

Prose Section Authors

The texts selected by the jury composed of Elena Angeli, Giovanni Avesani, Cristina Fiore, Irma Vaccari and chaired by Claudia Ravaldi are:

  • Red-haired Anna – Anna Rita Lisco
  • The heart of a mother – Serena Roma
  • Give me a sign – Giorgia Pellorca
  • So I’ll talk to you – Paola Zanin
  • Lotus Flowers – Simona Di Carlo
  • Mother’s heart – Giuliana Leone
  • The gift – Elena Marotta
  • The secret revealed – Consuelo Ziggiotto
  • I would love to hug her – Andrea Bassi
  • Nadia – Laura Giorgi
  • In the garden of unborn children – Elena Monti
  • Beyond – Annarosa Ceriani
  • Why life does not die – Angela Bertaglia
  • Trembling of wings – Silvia Caramellino
  • A day with her – Alessandro Ogliani

Happy awareness reading.

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