Perinatal Death Awareness Act

by Claudia Ravaldi

For more than 10 years, many countries around the world (England, United States, Australia, Norway, etc.) have established the international day of awareness on the death of children during pregnancy or after childbirth. This day occurs on October 15th and is celebrated every year with numerous local initiatives. This phenomenon, which affects three million children and as many families all over the world each year alone due to stillbirth, is still today completely ignored by most institutions in Italy, despite the considerable efforts of numerous associations. In particular, our country still seems to be very far from a real awareness of the meaning of the loss of a child during pregnancy or after childbirth, on the medical aspects that must be known in order to prevent avoidable deaths, and on the effects of bereavement in pregnancies. following. Establishing the World Awareness Day on the death of children in pregnancy or after childbirth in Italy is therefore a very important step not only for bereaved parents (hundreds of thousands every year in Italy), but also to increase the culture around This theme.

You can find out about all the events organized in Italy for October 15th 2014 on the website

In the past legislature, CiaoLapo Onlus supported and promoted the Bill “Establishment of the National Day of Awareness on Perinatal Death” (chamber act 4870 of 10.01.12) on the initiative of the deputies: DI BIAGIO Aldo; PATARINO Carmine Santo; MOUTHPIECE Italo; OF THE WIDOW Benedict; BARBARO Claudio; FALLS Joseph; MENIA Roberto; SCANDEREBECH Deodato; CONSUL Joseph; WALL Luigi; BONGIORNO Giulia; COUNT Giorgio; BRIGUGLIO Carmelo; GRENADE Benedetto Fabio; RAISI Enzo; PROJECTS COSIMI Francesco; TOTO Daniele; NAPLES Angela; STRAW Gianfranco; ANGELS Joseph; BARANI Lucio; BARBIERI Emerentius; DI CENTA Manuela; FEDI Marco; PORTA Fabio (download the bill in pdf ).

On 11 January 2012 a question for immediate response to the Minister of Health to raise the issue of perinatal death and raise the awareness of the Government and Parliament of initiatives in support of bereaved parents and preventive and educational interventions in the perinatal health sector.

Read more information on the CiaoLapo website . In the current legislature two bills have been filed, one in the Chamber and one in the Senate supported by us:

In the Senate

Initiated by Senator Di Biagio Aldo Bill n. S.232Establishment of the National Awareness Day on Perinatal Death ” Presented on March 19, 2013; announced in the afternoon session. n. 3 of 21 March 2013. He was assigned to the 1st Permanent Commission (Constitutional Affairs) in the referring seat on May 8, 2013. Announced in the antecedent session. n. 20 of 8 May 2013. The opinion of the 5th (Budget), 12th (Health) commissions will also be requested on this bill.

Download the text of the S.232 bill in pdf

In the Chamber of Deputies

Initiative of Deputy Caruso Mario Ordinary law proposal, AC 654Establishment of the National Day of Awareness on Perinatal Death ” Presented on April 4, 2013 Assigned to the XII Commission on Social Affairs at the Referent office on July 30, 2013. The opinion of the Commissions: I Constitutional Affairs and V Budget has been requested.

Download the text of the AC654 bill in pdf

Press conference

The press conference for the presentation of the Bill for the Establishment of the National Awareness Day on perinatal death was held on Tuesday 26 November 2013 at 2.30 pm in the Press Room of the Chamber of Deputies .

The meeting was attended by Senator Aldo Di Biagio (SC) , signatory of the bill in the Senate and the Honorable Matteo Biffoni (PD) , among the signatories of the bill in the Chamber.

The bill, filed in both branches of Parliament, had bipartisan support and is the starting point of a path of knowledge, awareness and analysis aimed at filling that regulatory and socio-cultural void linked to death immediately before or after childbirth. The bill aims, among other things, to solicit a necessary debate that starts from the institutions and that actively involves women and families, overcoming the blanket of pseudo-scientific ignorance that surrounds the phenomenon of perinatal death in our country and that it actually limits knowledge.

The conference, moderated by Marzia Masiello , was attended by Dr. Claudia Ravaldi , Physician Psychiatrist Psychotherapist President of the CiaoLapo Onlus Association and dr. Alfredo Vannacci , Pharmacologist Doctor Vice President of the CiaLapo Onlus Association.

View the video of the conference on youtube .


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