Ribbon of Love – Call for action

by Claudia Ravaldi
ciaolapo onlus
ciaolapo onlus

October is Worldwide Awareness Month for Grief in Pregnancy and After Birth. In this month, the associations of parents and operators are promoting numerous initiatives dedicated to bereaved parents and to social awareness. In particular, one of the transversal purposes is to improve education for bereavement and support for those affected, in the various communities to which they belong and among the professionals.

Your square of cloth for the ribbon of international awareness

Over the years, the international committees have given life to initiatives that are now known and widespread in every corner of the world (the light wave at 7:00 pm is a brilliant example), and the universal symbol of this month and of this day is for all countries the pink-blue bow.

Italy, despite the bill and the bill promoted by us for the recognition of the day also in our country, is not yet among those countries that have institutionalized October 15th as the official day of awareness and attention to the problem. Waiting for the parliament to pronounce, Since 2007, we have been joining parents and operators from all over the world every year with our Italian initiatives of celebration, awareness, support and information.

This year we need all of you!

Despite the best efforts, the loss of a child, an infant, or an unborn child is still today a deep and deeply rooted taboo, in many western countries, especially in Italy.

The pain of this type of event is little recognized and poorly accepted.

People are not entirely free to share their experiences and emotions: the prejudice still exists that the only and possible cure for grief is to forget, ignore what happened and have another child soon.

We know that in order to mourn and have a full and peaceful life again, mourning must first be gone through.

Having good travel companions on this journey can make a difference.

Having a supportive society can foster family resilience and improve confidence in themselves and in the world.

Hope can be cultivated every day, together.

We therefore thought that we could ideally bring together parents from all over the world calling them together for an artistic and celebratory initiative, with a great social impact: we want to sew the largest rosazzurro bow in the world, and use it to decorate monuments from time to time. and squares during our awareness-raising initiatives.

We need you, special mother, even if your mourning is crossed and you are serene again, precisely because of the value that your experience can have for those who, like many mothers, are at the beginning of this journey.

We need creative grandmothers and aunts, and fathers who, as often happens, offer us their point of view, a real added value.

We need midwives to accompany our babies to birth with their eyes closed. Because it is through their arms that they touch this land, and their memories have a great value.

We need the parents of older children, touched by the same fate as ours. Small lives are not taboo, and love is not measured by time.

We need to turn fear into love.

Can you help us?

That’s how:

Each mother will choose a piece of pink or blue fabric, pastel or baby shades, 15 cm by 15 cm large, on which she can print or writee (fabric marker and permanent marker) or sew or paint or embroider the name and a few sentences for your child. Feel free to decorate this piece as you like, let yourself be inspired by your love and the luminous beauty that surrounds it.
Attention: these squares will be assembled from October 1st, therefore they must arrive at our CiaoLapo address by that date, to allow us to sew the love bow with care and precision!
Good job everyone!
Where to send: Ciaolapo Onlus, via degli Abatoni 11/11 59100 Prato.

Celebrate the love for your baby gone to soon and help us to raise awareness on babyloss all around the world! If you are a bereaved mother and you would like to join us in being part of the first international ribbon of love, come on in!
Simply pick a baby pink or baby blue fabric. Size must be 6×6 inches.
You can decorate your square as you prefer, with the name of your baby, and anything that you feel is love and beauty.
We need to patch together all the pieces before October 15th, so we need to receive your part before October 1st.
We will be sharing the final ribbon in as many beautiful and artistic locations in Italy as we can.
Thank you for expressing and sharing your love for our beautiful babies.

Send your precious square to:
CiaoLapo onlus,
Via degli Abatoni n 11/11,
59100, Prato, Tuscany, Italy.

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