We are here for love

by Claudia Ravaldi

On October 15th there is the BabyLoss Awareness Day that we have been celebrating since 2007 also in Italy, and which in recent years has been promoted through CiaoLapo onlus in 50 cities.

All people who have recently or in the past been affected by a pre- or post-natal bereavement, interested operators and citizens sensitive to the issue are invited to participate in this initiative which takes place simultaneously all over the world.

Since 2007 CiaoLapo Onlus has been the ambassador for Italy of this day born in the United States and quickly established in many countries of the world: we too have asked to institutionalize the day 4 years ago, in two different legislatures; waiting for this to happen, thanks to our magnificent volunteers and to the associations that have become affiliated with CiaoLapo over the years, supporting its statutory project and scientific vision, once again this year we will bring BabyLoss Day to many Italian cities, carefully respecting its original meaning, along with millions of people around the world.

BabyLoss Awareness Day is essentially aimed at all those who have lost a child , at any gestational age or after birth, for whatever reason this has happened; caters to operators in the maternal and child sector , to support them in supporting the affected parents and siblings, and addresses the all citizenship . This day, designed to dismantle the taboo surrounding the theme of perinatal bereavement and its causes, intends to promote a better general culture on the issue of death in pregnancy and after birth, on the bereavement of affected parents and families and on medical aspects. psychological and important to know to raise awareness in those affected and in those who support them.

We are waiting for you with a large calendar of events and appointments in many Italian cities.

This year, thanks to the great work of over 100 volunteers and all the CiaoLapo self-help groups, it was possible to organize 50 events and meetings in the square, two conferences (in Florence and Rome), two round tables (in Genoa and Jesi), the screening of the famous film Return To Zero in twelve cities , the reading with musical accompaniment of excerpts from the CiaoLapo onlus forum by many companies of local artists, as well as workshops for children and families.

So that everyone can find their space in a day full of emotions and sharing, so that the transformation of mourning into love is a possible path for each parent overwhelmed by pain. Together we can do a lot.

With the patronage of

BabyLoss Awareness Day – CiaoLapo Onlus

For more information, visit the website – www.babyloss.info




Friuli Venezia Giulia


Emilia Romagna

  • Castel San Pietro Terme (BO) – via Remo Tosi 1 (with the association Il Giardino degli Angeli ) National meeting CiaoLapo Onlus 9-11 October – [email protected]Program
  • Bologna (with the LAURorA Onlus association), banquet in via IV Novembre at the corner of via D’Azeglio and screening at Palazzo D’Accursio, Piazza Maggiore [email protected]Program
  • Parma (with MIPPE and Futura , Il Mondo Yoga Studio and La Cova associations) – [email protected]Program
  • Molinella (BO) – via G.Matteotti 5 (with the Ludofficina and Dharma associations)
  • Modena – Piazza Mazzini – [email protected]
  • Forlì – Family Center, via Bolognesi 23, Forlì – [email protected]Program
  • Cento – Zanandrea Foundation via U.Bassi 49 (with the inunBattito association) – [email protected]
  • Rimini – Porto – [email protected]Program








  • Vieste (FG) – Villa Comunale – [email protected]Program
  • Bari (BA) – Chapel of the Angels (Giovann XXIII Children’s Hospital) Bari via Amendola. 18:30 gathering at the children’s playground at the Bari cemetery – [email protected]



  • Calamonaci – Piazza S. Vincenzo Ferreri – [email protected] – Program
  • Torretta (PA) – (with the association Una Goccia nell’Oceano ) – Program
  • Palermo – (with the Georgia Association via Cavour, 70) – [email protected] – Program


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