Words of love on the sand

by Claudia Ravaldi

Take part in “Words of Love in the Sand”! Read how!

We know summer and holidays are difficult times for families who have recently suffered a bereavement.

In our country the longest holidays are the summer ones: we live on a peninsula full of beaches, frequented by many people from May to October.

Sometimes bereaved parents feel out of place and uncomfortable, in the midst of people, in general and above all, on the beach, a place dedicated to fun, relaxation and lightheartedness par excellence (and full, it must be said for people with their own bereavement recently, of small children and pregnant women …).

Despite the difficulties, there comes a time when it is very important for the mourner to “get out of the cave” and return, albeit gradually, to life out there.

CiaoLapo has always tried to make this step as simple, harmonious and safe as possible.

To get back out there, and be able to get better and better, day after day, sometimes you need “rites of passage”, symbols of encouragement.

So in the summer of 2009 we came up with the idea of bringing a piece of our history of pain, the most significant and sweet one, into the “life out there”: as a sign of continuity, of celebration, and of passage, of our children in our lives, but also of our transition from the most ferocious days of pain to life as it is.

Here, since 2009, many mothers, but also many couples and often, many families with children (siblings, cousins and little friends), propose this tender ritual of passage “from the darkness of mourning to the light”.

Here then, every summer, in every beach (and sometimes, on some alpine glacier), the ” Words of love on the sand ” appear.

Their beautiful names, they bloom in the light.

Their stories, small but precious for families, are once again part of the social narrative.

They are sayable. They can be remembered. There is no need to hide and hide them.

And they, for a moment, are not the lost children, but are, again and again, simply our children.

Also this year you can participate in “Words of love on the sand”: here is the event published on our facebook page dedicated to awareness.

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