Pregnancies following perinatal bereavement – PEARL study

by Claudia Ravaldi

CiaoLapo Onlus promotes the first exploratory research in Italy on pregnancies following perinatal bereavement.
It does this by giving a direct voice to mothers and their experiences of loss and subsequent pregnancy.
Every single story is important for us at CiaoLapo. We believe that every woman during her next pregnancy should be able to be listened to, understood and an integral part of her pregnancy and birth journey. We believe that even in high-risk situations, there are many aspects of motherhood and parenthood that can be favored and preserved. But to do all this, it is necessary to listen to women, their experiences and their care needs.
Collecting the different experiences and impressions of mothers is very important to start having an idea of how subsequent pregnancies are dealt with in our country. Furthermore, if we manage to collect a significant number of testimonies, we will be able to identify a common “red thread” for mothers who share the experience of subsequent pregnancy, and start thinking about appropriate support available to women with perinatal losses also in our country. .
Who can participate in the research?
All women who, after one or more losses in pregnancy or after childbirth, have had a subsequent pregnancy and one or more children.
The subject of the research is the first pregnancy / birth following a loss .
Why participate?
Subsequent pregnancies are still “no man’s land”, especially from the point of view of psychological assistance. Many couples, many women, are left to fend for themselves during the nine months of gestation and in the puerperium, and any negative emotions related to the previous bereavement or new pregnancy are usually minimized or pathologized for no reason. Knowing the experience of Italian women could help institutions and professionals to improve the assistance offered during subsequent pregnancies and improve the well-being of mothers and their children.
The research will be discussed in some degree theses, and will be used in the training course of CiaoLapo.
Here is the link to participate:
Thanks for your participation!
Claudia and Alfredo

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