Attachment and pregnancy: participates in the MARBLe study

by Claudia Ravaldi

Pregnancy is a unique and precious time, in which numerous changes take place. The experience of waiting, different from woman to woman, in our culture is rather sweetened and trivialized. Even if every woman has her own story and her roots, the stereotype of the mother changing “month after month” as “textbook” is deeply rooted.

Furthermore, very little space is given to the psychological transformations typical of the passage from “two to three” (or from three to four … and so on).

CiaoLapo has always been involved in maternal-fetal and maternal-infant health, starting from the most critical situations, those in which the pregnancy and the health of the child are compromised by a pathology or a loss. Over time, dealing with families in the making, it has been natural for us to take care of the pregnancies following a perinatal bereavement and the promotion of the physiology and psychophysical maternal and fetal well-being even in those families, even after certain difficult experiences.

We still know little about mother-to-child exchanges that occur in utero; we know even less of what happens when the previous child passed away. What we already know today suggests that we face every woman, every couple in their specificity, promoting the best possible bond with the unborn child with particular attention to situations in which pregnancy arrives after a bereavement of any kind.

We thought it was a good idea to collect the varied experiences of all pregnant women, to learn more about mother-child attachment regardless of previous history.

We thought that collecting your feelings and opinions on the expectation and on the bond with the baby in the belly could be an important basis for improving the accompaniment to pregnancy and the postnatal period, and to structure specific interventions in case of specific needs. This is why we are asking you to participate in this second thesis relating to the MARBLe project, which will be edited by a voluntary psychologist and psychotherapist of our Association, Dr. Micaela Darsena.

“My name is Micaela and I am a psychologist and cognitive behavioral psychotherapist. I met the CiaoLapo association a few years ago for personal reasons, and in the meantime I have deepened my skills in the field of bereavement but also in perinatal psychology. I recently embarked on a path to become Prenatal tutor and in this context I decided to do a thesis on maternal-fetal attachment in pregnancies following perinatal bereavement. I am particularly interested in evaluating the possibility of promoting good maternal-fetal attachment and identifying the tasks of the Prenatal Tutor in this delicate phase of transition. We have therefore decided to collect the experiences of expectant mothers who are in the third trimester of pregnancy. I would be very grateful if you could answer the questionnaire and maybe send it to your contacts. “

Here is the link to the study on the surveymonkey platform:

All pregnant women from 25 weeks of gestational age can participate!

The data will be collected and analyzed anonymously, respecting privacy.

Thanks to all the participants!
Thanks Micaela for continuing this important study.

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