BLOSSoM – Burnout after perinatal LOSS in Midwifery

by Claudia Ravaldi

Take part in the new CiaoLapo research aimed at healthcare professionals in order to deepen the theme of perinatal death and its impact on the psycho-physical and working well-being of operators. The study is called BLOSSoM – Burnout after perinatal LOSS in Midwifery and can be completed by: obstetricians, gynecologists, nurses, psychologists and trainees.

This new survey arises from the need of many colleagues met in over two hundred training courses that I have carried out at Italian hospitals, counseling centers and colleges of midwives and is realized thanks to the will and commitment of two young obstetrics students who have chose to collaborate with CiaoLapo for their Bachelor’s and Master’s theses.

Balancing professional skills, emotional skills and interpersonal skills is a challenge for those involved in perinatal health and care today: very little is still done to help professionals live their role fully and in a healthy way, even in complex situations.

Stillbirth is one of the most traumatic situations that a perinatal operator has to face in his profession.

Addressing this event in its complexity, starting from the experience of each operator, can contribute to improving general knowledge on the subject, highlighting both what is already the heritage of professionals, and what is important to improve, in respect of health, understood as a bio-psycho-social well-being of both our clients and the healthcare professionals.

We therefore invite you to participate in the research that will be carried out in compliance with privacy (GDPR) and anonymously, by filling out the questionnaire you find here:

A special thanks to Eleonora Cossu and Sara Tagliavini, for their commitment and their great relational competence.

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