COCOON project: your story matters. Your experience matters.

by Claudia Ravaldi

Take part in the COCOON project: tell us your pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal story.

People’s stories are important.

They are important because they are direct and indirect indicators of the health of a country and of the good organization of a health system.

Stories allow us to understand what works , how much works and what needs to be improved .

There is another reason why we believe that people’s stories are important (and that is why we have been collecting them since 2006): personal stories give us the unique and special point of view of the storyteller and allow, to we who listen to reflect on health indicators, strengths, difficulties and what to change to offer a treatment that can respond to the needs of as many people as possible.

Telling helps those who participate to focus their resources and reflect on their possible difficulties, but also on their needs.

This is an important point, especially in a time of general confusion like this, to achieve the best possible level of well-being.

Stories have an improved value, even when they are complicated and difficult stories, for the teller and for the listener.

Stories allow for change.

For these reasons, after having conceived and urgently promoted COVIDASSESS, a research reserved for pregnant and post-natal women, we decided to extend the research and the international COCOON project was born.

COCOON, Continuity of Care During the COVID Pandemic in Pregnant and Postpartum Parents , is research currently available in 6 languages coordinated from 14 countries, targeting women and men who have faced the pandemic during pregnancy or after childbirth. their baby.

In this research we collect the stories of women who have been or are currently pregnant since January 30, 2020 and their partners , and of all women who have given birth since January 30, 2020 and their partners .

We have done everything possible to accommodate all types of pregnancies and outcomes and we are very pleased to have also included bereaved fathers and parents like us!

You can participate in our study from this link: where you can read all the detailed information on the study and its aims.

Alfredo and I thank you in advance for sharing.

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