Monitoring of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnancy

by Alfredo Vannacci

Are you pregnant or breastfeeding and have you received or are about to receive the first dose or booster dose (booster or third dose) of the COVID-19 vaccine ? You can report any side effects to us, it is important! Participate in monitoring the side effects of COVID-19 vaccines by registering on the covidvaccinemonitor website up to 48 hours after receiving the vaccine.

CiaoLapo participates in the activities of the Vac4EU European project on the safety of anti-COVID19 vaccines in pregnancy and lactation , as part of the activities of the Joint PeaRL Laboratory established by the CiaoLapo ETS Foundation and the Neuroparba Department of the University of Florence.
The Italian arm of the project is coordinated by Prof. Gianluca Trifirò of the University of Verona and the activities related to pregnancy and breastfeeding are coordinated by Prof. Alfredo Vannacci of the University of Florence and the CiaoLapo Foundation.

What does the project consist of?

COVID-19 vaccines have been thoroughly researched and meet all safety requirements for any other vaccine. However, due to the emergency situation, pregnant women were not initially included in clinical trials and it is very important to carefully monitor their response to vaccination.

Data collected to date in all countries where pregnant women have already been vaccinated show that vaccines against COVID-19 are effective and safe even in pregnancy (if you want you can find updated information on efficacy and safety in pregnancy and breastfeeding here: breastfeeding )

By participating in this study you can help us to collect important information also in our country to make the use of vaccines in pregnancy even safer .

All information collected will be handled with respect for privacy and anonymized data on reported reactions will be shared with the EMA and AIFA pharmacovigilance systems to be compared with those of other countries.

Who can participate?

All women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine or the booster dose (i.e. the third dose or booster dose) for less than 48 hours are eligible to participate.

It does not matter if the pregnancy has just begun or if you are already close to giving birth, it is possible to participate in any gestational period .

How can I participate?

  • Go to the website where you will find all the necessary information
  • Choose to fill out the form for yourself
  • Confirm that you are over 18 years old
  • Choose the category “Pregnant women” or “Lactating women”
  • Enter your information
  • Answer the questionnaires that will be sent to you periodically via email

How can I spread the initiative?

  • Share this page on social networks or with your contacts who may be interested
  • Download the flyer in pdf and the poster in pdf
  • Share the project with your trusted healthcare professionals (obstetricians, gynecologists, GPs etc …)


Watch a short video presentation

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