Abortion and in utero death: frequently asked questions

by Claudia Ravaldi

After a miscarriage or death in utero, it is very important to try to understand the possible causes that promoted the loss. Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different, and it is not possible to generalize: however, there are certain insights provided depending on the loss and the overall health of the woman/couple. For clarity on investigations to do or not to do in cases of miscarriage and death in utero, download our paper.

Dr. Valentina Pontello, M.D., a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics and a person-centered counselor, has worked with CiaoLapo for years, and has answered hundreds of questions on our forum. To make it easier for everyone to find information, she wrote this document, which collects the most frequently asked questions she has been asked over the past decade by bereaved parents and her comprehensive answers, based on available scientific evidence updated as of June 2016.

The topics covered in the document are:
Early abortion (in the first 10 weeks)
Late abortion ( 10 WEEKS) and fetal intrauterine death (MEF)
Preterm birth
Could abortion/death in utero/preterm delivery have been prevented?
I was told the baby was big, can placental insufficiency be ruled out?
When can I start looking for a new pregnancy?
My periods after childbirth / abortion are not regular, why?
The therapies

You can find the FAQ document Abortion and death in utero, in pdf format, here on our website and on the website of Dr. Pontello, here .

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