Born too early. The new Memory Box Preemies study

by Claudia Ravaldi
CiaoLapo Onlus
CiaoLapo Onlus

Since 2006 we have welcomed thousands of families.

Each of them brought a story, at the same time equal and different from all the others. In particular, many families have shared the experience of the premature birth of a short-lived baby.

Our new office is dedicated to these families, and to their special care and reception needs in the obstetrics wards first and then in the neonatal intensive care wards, the result of many shared experiences. The study carries on the Memory Box research project, started in 2008 with parents affected by stillbirth, and supports the research of a young future medical colleague, which we wish to support.

We are sure that you will give us a little of your time and a little of your history to improve the assistance to each family who will live this experience in the future.

To participate in the survey, simply click this link:

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